Regulatory Bodies for Business Entities in india

Regulatory Bodies for business entities in india

    • Companies Act 1956 – It is “an act to consolidate and amend the law relating to companies and certain other associations”. It regulates the formation, functioning, the winding up of the companies and also the relationship between the company, government and public.
    • Ministry of Corporate Affairs-It regulates the Companies Act 1956 and other allied acts.The ministry governs the following acts:
      1. The Partnership Act 1932
      2. The Chartered Accountants Act 1949
      3. Companies Fund Act 1951
      4. The Companies Act 1956
      5. The Chartered Secretaries Act 1980
      6. The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act in 1969
      7. The Companies Amendment Act 2006


    • Office of Registrar of Companies – The responsibility of the Registrar of Companies is to register the companies for their respective states and Union Territories and ensuring that the companies abide to the legal requirements of the Companies Act.
    • Company Law Board
    • The Ministry of Environment and Forest -It is the major administrative entity for:
      1. Governing and ensuring environmental protection
      2. Designing the environmental policy framework in India
      3. Undertaking conservation and survey of flora, fauna, forest and wildlife


  • The Environment Protection Act– It is an all-inclusive legislation which affirms the Central Government to protect and improve environmental quality control and reduce pollution from all sources. Under the Act, the Central Government shall have the power to take all such actions which it considers necessary or appropriate for the purpose of protecting and improving the quality of environment and for abating environmental pollution.
  • RBI-It regulates and controls the monetary system of the country.
  • SEBI-It is a statutory body that controls the Indian capital market.